Pepperberry Café

The Pepperberry Cafe, which is housed within the guesthouse, is operated by Chef Phil Kemp.  Phil welcomes you into the Pepperberry to enjoy freshly brewed coffee and wonderful Tasmanian local produce.  Whilst you are enjoying your meal catch up with friends and relatives using free Wi-Fi.

Contact Phil to book in for evening meals or to have a specially catered evening for friends.

Phil Kemp: 0467843329 or 03 63631399

Guests of the Mole Creek Guesthouse enjoy breakfasts downstairs in the Pepperberry.

  • Enjoy the Pepperberry Café located inside

  • Enjoy a coffee on the deck

  • Enjoy Aunty Lena’s famous home made soups

  • Or one of our home made pizzas by the fire

  • After a delicious meal stroll through our gorgeous gardens

After you have enjoyed your meals at the Pepperberry you are welcome to take a walk through our picturesque gardens which will instantly transport you to a place of peace and serenity. While exploring the gardens you will not be able to miss our beautiful babbling brook which is home to ducks, fingerling brown trout and even a platypus or two. You can sit in one of the many garden nooks and literally smell the beautiful roses and listen to the birds chirping.

Opening Hours

Tuesdays to Thursdays

9 AM – 4 PM

Fridays and Saturdays

9AM – 8PM


9AM – 4PM

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